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RE: Grindal worm bedding

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your detailed information.  I find it
very helpful as always.

I checked on my worms this evening.  They are doing OK.
I aerated them by keeping the lids ajar while I was
gone to work today.  The bedding is a bit dryer and all
of the worms seem to be in the bedding and not on the
sides of the containers.  The odor is gone as well.  I
might have gotten the bedding too wet yesterday when I
moistened the original culture media.  The weather here
in north Alabama has gotten a bit warm all of the
sudden (low 80's) for the last few days (have not
turned on the AC yet).  I'd imagine that the sudden
temperature swings are hard on all of the living
things.  I hope that I can keep the culture going over
the summer (we keep the indoor temperature at 78
degrees F during the summer).

I will move the worms to larger containers tomorrow.  I
was hoping to get the darker opaque kind, but I could
not find those in shoe box size.  The latest craze in
plastic containers seems to be translucent pastel.  I
guess grindal worms could care less about the color.  I
can see how crowded they are in those Rubbermaid  food
containers of mine through the transparent sides.  My
red wigglers will definitely object to that, though.
Do grindal worms dislike light, too?  I guess I could
use the bedding/worm separating technique for red
wigglers on grindal worms, too.  I push all of the old
media to one side and put the new one in the empty
spot.  I feed the worms in the new bedding so that all
of the worms migrate into the new bedding.  I suppose I
can use the grindal worm compost to feed my flower
garden.  Now that's a thought.

Thanks again,