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Daphnia newbie question

Hi Vicky,

I am a newbie myself but my daphnia culture is
thriving thanks to all of the suggestion the list
members gave me.

Since nobody has responded just yet, I decided to
tell you what I did.  I am sure other people on
the list will give you more help.

I was told that a 10 gallon tank works well
indoor.  But if you are expecting just a small
culture to start with, I think what I did should
work well in your situation.

I started out small.  Since I did not have a spare
10 gallon tank or enough spring water to fill it,
I released 60 daphnia to two 1-pint food grade
containers.  When they doubled in number (in just
a few days), I split the two cultures to another
pint size containers.  (I had a few of them on
hand.)  Now I have four pint size containers and
two shoe box size containers full of daphnia
(magna and pulex).  I was told the key to success
is  "not to overfeed and harvest often".  I have
been religious about harvesting and feeding just a
small amount.  I am now thinking about moving the
daphnia into 5 gallon containers.  With the type
of food I use, I think a large surface area works
better.  Besides, a small amount of water fouls up
quicker.   Since I don't know what is the proper
population density to avoid the crash, I keep
dividing as they multiply and keep a number of
containers going.  My method worked well for me so

I hope this helps.