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Grindal worm bedding

Hi everyone,

My grindal worm are multiplying very well.  I have
managed to split them into three Rubbermaid
containers I happened to have on hand (shoe box
size but shallower).

This morning I noticed a slight odor in my
original culture.  I suppose it is time to move
them into new bedding.  I am planning on moving
them to a new container/new bedding material
(hopefully this evening).  I am hoping that
someone can provide some answers to my questions
before the move.  Here is the list of my

1. How frequently I should change their bedding
2. Would a deeper container with a lot more
bedding material work better?
3. Some people suggested half peat half potting
soil.  Is this for keeping pH higher?
4. What moisture level and pH level should I keep
my bedding at?  I noticed worms are crawling on
the side and top of the container on older
cultures.  Would too high humidity/moisture level
cause them to crawl out of the bedding?

Thanks in advance,