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Re: Bent fish


>I am starting to see my Neon's get some funny bends in their backs.  1st
>I notice that they get a white spot, then shortly after that, they get
>all bent out of shape, literally.  It's like they have broken backs.  The
>one Neon that has had this the longest has been this way for about 8
>months.  He has not died, nor does it seem to affect his swimming, and
>eating.  Do I need to worry about this?

According to my bood "tropical fish diseases A-Z" horizontal curves
(scoliosis) and vertical curves (lordosis) can be caused by various things
like a) injury b) infectious disease c) nutritional deficiencies
d) genetic or developmental abnormality. 

Particular notes about this is like mycobacteriosis can distort the fish
spine and lead to curvatures.  vitamin deficiencies can as well.  They
also mention that some breeding results can be seen with things like
this.  The do go on to mention the 'odd' fish like the baloon molly,
blood red parrot, some of the fancy goldfish should be avoided as they are
viewed as cruelty to fish.

Hope this helps.