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Re: Daphnia culture in D.C.

>Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 17:20:22 EST
>From: PGagne2000 at aol_com
>Subject: Daphnia culture in D.C.
>    Can anyone tell me where to find a daphnia culture in the Washington,
>D.C. area? ........

>    Thanks for any suggestions.
>Pierre Gagne
>Silver Spring, MD

You might want to try the Potomac Valley Aquarium Exchange.  It's the web
trading post of the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society, which has its main site
at www.pvas.com -- there is a link on that site, under "Trading Post".

There are a number of members who keep daphnia and other live foods, and are
quite willing to trade/sell/give away samples from what they've got.  There
are plant keepers in the club with lots of clippings, too!

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD