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Re: Bent fish

> I am starting to see my Neon's get some funny bends in their backs.  1st I
 > notice that they get a white spot, then shortly after that, they get all
 > bent out of shape, literally.  It's like they have broken backs.  The one
 > Neon that has had this the longest has been this way for about 8 months. 
 He> has not died, nor does it seem to affect his swimming, and eating.  Do I
 > need to worry about this?

I've had about 4 platties die of a similar malady this year -- several months apart.  The fish suddenly looks gaunt and haggard for a day or two, then (if it lives that long) get bent and looks kind of hunchbacked.  This appearance is exagerated by the fish's now caved-in belly.

At first I thought it was a birth defect and that I just hadn't noticed the fish before cuz it hid amoung the java fern roots.  After the 2nd fish died a few months later, I assumed this was some kind of bacterial disease, like tuberculosis.  I added a *bunch* of agricultural Chlortetracycline to the water and mixed some more with the fish food for a few days to eradicate just about any bacterial life in the tank.  Obviously, it didn't work.

Now when one of the fish starts showing symptoms, I kill it.  None of the other species in the tank have been affected.  TB should be non-specific.  I dunno what's going on, but I don't like it, but it is happening at a sustainable rate so I don't get too upset.

best regards,