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Addition to cloudy water post.

Hi everyone,
I wanted to add to my earlier post that my ammonia and nitrites are zero, as 
when the tank was set up the Eheim 2217 I placed on the 125 was off a 90 
gallon planted tank and is fully cycled. As a matter of fact the fish 
population in the 125 is about 1/2 of what the 90 gallon had in it. I moved 
the plants and 1/2 the fish from the 90 to the 125, so ammonia and nitrite 
are not a problem. Sorry I did not mention this in my earlier post, as 
without this information it sounds like I might be describing "new tank 
syndrome." Hope this clarifies things. As I posted earlier, the tank is 
doing great except for the cloudy water.
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