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I thought I would add in my positive experience with Aquarisol and my 
planted tank.  In my case, I had to use Aquarisol for treatment.  I was 
treating one of three glass cats for a type of fungus.  In case there are 
those out there who do not know, you cannot use malichite green, or the 
popular Rid-Ich if you have scaleless fish, such as glass cats.  My tank is 
planted with cyryptocorne petchii's, 4 amazon swords, tons of dwarf 
sagittaria, and the USDA shunned Hygrophillia.  ;)

I experienced no detrimental problems with my plants when I used the 
Aquarisol, and the fungus on the glass cat cleared up.

On a side note...I have never purchased anything from petswarehouse.  More 
importantly, I have never even visited their website...but low and 
behold...three identical e-mails in ONE day!  Think they want me as a 
customer???  Just wish I could add up all those $10 dollar coupons so I 
could really clean up!  :)

Mike Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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