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Re: Aquarisol

Kean Huat wrote:

>Yea, I have the same good experience as Mike. I've
>used Aquarisol to treat ick in my planted tank. I
>haven't seen any negative effect on my plants yet. I
>have at least 20 species of plants in my tank. They
>are all growing well. I used one drop of aquarisol per
>gallon of water. I change 25 % of water every week
>though. I guess we all have different experience with
>Kean Huat

Unfortunately, my experience with Aquarisol was more like the first post.  I 
used the usual dosage (1 drop/gallon) as treatment for ick because i was led 
to believe that it was safer for my plants than malachite green.  I actually 
had rather high mortality rates with this treatment (20%, or nine fish 
total) which I am quite sure was due mostly to the Aquarisol itself since 
the Ick was caught VERY early, the deaths occurred soon after the addition 
of aquarisol, and Ick was not even present on the fish that died.  Aquarisol 
also took much longer to get results than my experiences with malachite 
green in the past.  And the plants....lets just say all of the types of Val 
that I have are brown and very sad at the moment.  My amazon sword, which is 
normally very tolerant has been pruned back to about 1/3 its original size 
due to dead leaves and my Crinum is turning yellow.  Hydrocotyle, rotala, 
and nymphoides have all lost leaves and are developing holes.  I am quite 
sure that if I ever import Ick into my tank again (which better not happen!) 
I will NOT use Aquarisol and will return to the good ole malachite green 
based products that I have used in the past.  Beware of products that 
advertise as safe for plants, it may not always be so!

LeeAnn Talarico

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