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Regarding the Aquarisol treatment, I wanted to share my experience as I got the same problem as Max do.  2 weeks ago, I used Aquarisol to treat ick in my tank and it kills all the leaves in my elodea, retard the growth of my cabomba & ambulia and kills my vallisneria.  Other than these fellas, I reckon the other plants are not affected by it.  I used the dosage prescribed for 3 days continuously.  But my pygmy chain swords are not affected, i hope.  

I'm aware of some medication doesn't go well with plants but I was convinced to use it because on the label it said "Safe for Plants".  I was con, wasn't I?

After i found out the bad consequence of aquarisol, I did 50% water changes for 3 consecutive days and so far only my elodea is showing some new leaves growth while ambulia and cabomba are still not showing any sign of healthy growth.  The vallis is the worst and I hope it's not really dead as almost all it's leaves are withered.

The lesson I learned from this is never trust the "Safe for Plant" labelled by the manufacturer.  


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