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Algae identification

I have read a fair number of articles on identifying algae and I am still
not sure what I got.  I used to have hair algae (long strands, etc) but
those are gone.  Now I have algae that grows on the glass, on leaves of my
aquatic plants, on the gravel, and on the driftwood.  They are green, hard
to get off the glass, and impossible to get off the driftwood or plant
leaves.  Short, hair-like, get very dense especially on the leaves.  What is
the algae?

The setup is 55 gallon tall tank, with fair number of plants (could add
more), and a fair number of fish, 2 gourami, 18 neons, 4 armour catfish, 2
sucker mouth algae eaters, 4 assorted small fish, and snails.  As far as I
can tell, I have enough nutrient for the plant, PH etc are normal, light is
weak (40W), and CO2 is low I suspect.  With regular cleaning of the glass,
and pruning of leaves with too much algae, it is kind of a standoff right
now.  I am furtilizing with a 0-0-9 liquid and I add Cycle after water
change, which is once a week, about 25-30%.  I am considering adding light
and CO2, but in what order?

Thanks in advance.