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Re :golden (yellow) sucker mouth algae eater

Hi folks!

Bout this sucker mouth algae eater, could it be the golden varieties of Ottos?  Since the fish was described as looking like a SAE but behave like an Otto, it makes me felt a bit confused.  But from the first impression of the name, golden sucker mouth algae eater, the first thing I thought of is the golden Ottos.  

Over here in Kuala Lumpur(KL), Ottos are labelled as algae eater by the LFS.  I don't know bout you guys elsewhere but over here in KL, we got the golden varieties of Ottos.  The LFS sells the normal dirt colored and golden varieties in 2-3 inches(golden varieties are harder to get).  As for the smaller sized, 1-1.5 inches, they are being sold only with the normal dirt colored varieties.  A month ago, I bought 6 of the smaller sized and 2 died.  2 weeks later after I bought those fellas, 2 of them changed colour to golden.  I've asked the people in the LFS, they said the Ottos come in 2 colors.  I've just got myself another 6 bigger sized normal colored Ottos, wonder if they will change color later on.

I wonder if anybody know of the golden Ottos as all the Ottos info in the web does not say anything bout the golden varieties.

tropical KL, Malaysia      

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