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re: aponogeton boivinianus

Thanks for the the information regarding this plant on my earlier post. I 
think the Tropica information is correct. I planted them in my tank the day 
after Thanksgiving. The longest leaf was about 12 inches long and 1 inch 
wide. By 12/10 many of the leaves had reached 2 1/2 feet long x 3 1/2 inches 
wide. They were completely shading the center 1/3rd of my 125 gallon. I am 
keeping them pruned so the other plants get light. My wife calls them the 
"searsucker" plants because the leaves resemble the fabric in appearance. 
These plants apparently like the conditions in my tank. One of the plants is 
flowering. Does anyone know if this apon can self fertilize?  You can 
fertilize some apons by  running a finger down the flower. I've had a. 
crispus reproduce like crazy in this tank, but I have several of them so I 
don't know if they self or cross pollinated. I would like to propagate a. 
boivinianus if posssible because there are seldomany in this area, and the 
only one I ever saw for sale around here was $12.99. I would appreciate any 
Thank you,

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