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Re: Aquarisol

> Max Gallade wrote:
> After adding 1/2 of manufactures rec.dosage of Aquarisol once every week
> w.waterchanges for 3 weeks to my 75g for an ick outbreak I noticed that my
> once flourishing Glossostigma carpet started to get very thin and my
> E.tennellus started to look really bad.To much copper in the water from
> Aquarisol or other bad stuff in this product?

Max, Aquarisol is bad stuff for us plant folks. It's copper salt-based 
and it will kill plants, snails, and some algaes. I would quit with it 
immediately and resort to the malachite green medication. It's a 
formaldehyde-based product and it's a lot safer for your tank's 
inhabitants. I used half-doses of the malachite solution over a 
weeks period, dosing every other day and changing 25-35% of the 
water after the first week. Dose at lights out time, since the 
formalin degrades under bright light, which I hope you have. Give it 
a day or two and redose for a couple of days if the ick continues. If 
I were you, I'd definitely do some water changes soon. The Cu can 
only be diluted out now (or use expensive resins), and hopefully the 
glosso and chain swords will bounce back. Copper is your culprit!!!

Jamie    <"\\\><