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Propagating Plants

Tom Smith wrote:

>Can anyone out there tell me if there is a book that give information on 
>aquarium plant propagation? Have bought a bunch of plants from Arizona 
>Gardens that are over growing my tank and would like to propagate them 
>inorder to give to anyone who is interested in them. I just dont want to just 
>cut them back and throw them away.

It doesn't sound like you need a book.<g> If your plants are overgrowing
your tank, you _are_ propagating them.  If you are talking about stem
plants, simply trim them, and sell or give away the trimmings.  With
rosette plants, you need to wait until the produce offsets, runner or
babies on flower spikes, and divide those as you would perennials.  With
very large rosette plants, you can actually divide the crown with a sharp
knife, as long as each section includes some roots and part of the growing
tip of the crown.