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Re: Just moved, new water

> From: "Mortimer Snerd" <n9720235 at cc_wwu.edu>
> Subject: Just moved, new water
> Hey, all!
> I moved last week, and as a result am running into water chemistry problem
> many of you would probably kill for.  My new water comes out of the tap at a
> pH of about 6.4 (Sandpoint CO2 controller), with a KH of less than 2 degrees
> (Sera test kit).  I'm concerned about being able to raise my pH enough to
> get the 15 ppm CO2 I like to have without either having to drastically raise
> the KH or having my tank's pH in the basement.

	The CO2 concentration will be decided by the CO2 system, the fish,
the plants and the physical setup of the tank.  The KH and pH have no effect
on it.  The CO2 and KH (meaning bicarbonate concentration) together set
the pH.  See the many discussions on this in the archives.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada