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Re: Diana Walstad's new book

>At 11:34 PM 12/5/99 -0800, Steve Pushak wrote:

>>I've taken a look at the outline for the book given on the website
>>above. It looks pretty good. There are several excerpts from the book to
>>give you an idea. You can order the book online using credit card.
>>I have not yet read this book although perhaps one or two people from
>>AGA may have had the opportunity. Can anyone give us a review? I hope to
>>place a combined order with a few folks from our local area to save on
>>shipping costs.
>Neil read the manuscript for Diana before publication, so I suspect he can 
>give you a solid review right now.  I have a copy in hand right now, and 
>I've begun to read it for review for AFM (as well as my own interests!)  So 
>far I can tell you that I am impressed.  I think it will be a very useful