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Re: Just moved, new water

> From: "Mortimer Snerd" <n9720235 at cc_wwu.edu>
> Subject: Just moved, new water
> Hey, all!
> I moved last week, and as a result am running into water chemistry problem
> many of you would probably kill for.  My new water comes out of the tap at
> pH of about 6.4 (Sandpoint CO2 controller), with a KH of less than 2
> (Sera test kit).  I'm concerned about being able to raise my pH enough to
> get the 15 ppm CO2 I like to have without either having to drastically
> the KH or having my tank's pH in the basement.  While I know many tanks
> and do run pH in the low to mid sixes, I'd rather keep mine at the 6.8 I'm
> used to if I can find a way to get away with it.  Any ideas or thoughts?
> Justin Collins
> Bellingham, WA,

I have the same water conditions and I just add a 1/2 cup of oyster shell to
my canister filter. It keeps the ph in the 6.6 to 6.8 range with co2 running
24/7 on a high pressure system with an eheim diffuser. The oyster lasts
around 3-4 months