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eheim surfaceextractor

the eheim surface extractor is quite expensive around $50 CND here but i've 
seen on someone's web page (can't remember the URL) but if u have a filter 
with an intake tube u can just take a PVC tube just a little bit wider than 
the intake tube and i think close off the bottom of the tube and let the top 
of the tube hang a little below the water line so water on the surface sucks 
into the tube and that will break/clear the surface of the scum (does this 
make sense?!?!)

anyways it's kinda like the same way reef/salt water people use to get the 
water out of their tank into their wet/dry systems below the tank with the 
tube in the middle/side of the tank siphoning water from the surface
you could cut little slits on the top of the pvc tube
but instead of leading to the wet/dry system it leads to your power filter/ 
canister etc etc
here's a ugly picture

water from surface sucks in
here-->  and here >
        |        |
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ water surface
       | !I T  !  |
       | !n u  !  |<-PVC tube
       | !t b  !  |
       | !a e  !  |
       | !k    !  |
       | !e    !  |
       |          |

does any of this make sense or am i just wasting my time? helP!?

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