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>Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 03:53:51 -0500
>From: Moishe Wasserman <moishew at globalserve_net>
>Subject: Going to try flourite!!!
>Hi all,
>Due to the excellent reviews flourite has gotten, I am going to try it
>out in a 10 gallon tank I am setting up.  Can you help me to determine
>the best way to use flourite?
>Do I just use it as a prime substrate?   Do I mix it with gravel?  Do I
>use 1 layer gravel and one layer flourite?  Do I use flourite/gravel mix
>and then a layer of gravel?
>- -Moishe
I have been using it as the only substrate. Reason being, I prefer a
homogenous substrate. If you move, tear down a tank, always uproot
/replanting, that nice layer tends to mix together. It can be done but I'm
not into being careful about mixing it together but it won't do any harm to
the plants either. I've thought about adding some 2-3mm gravel on top but
why? For the roots? Hair grass/glosso/microsword/dwarf clover/ and others do
fine in it. I guess if you like the look of another type of gravel on
top(the Flourite is dark) it would be an option to do. Several sizes of
Flourite grains would be nice. A smaller 2-3mm round varity or perhaps
lighter or one single color would be nice. Some plants do better( more
runners+longer stolons etc.) in finer gravel/laterite than Flourite only but
many do better although I'd have to say they can't push through the Flourite
as fast as 2-3mm gravel. Once rooted, Flourite holds the plant down much
stroger than the gravel. Swords are tough to yank out.
          With time, the flourite only will build a nice top layer of mulm
and most plants grow extremely well in it.
Tom Barr              AGA     Send in some articles or ones you like for
Neil !