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Re: Going to try flourite!!!

> Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 03:53:51 -0500
> From: Moishe Wasserman <moishew at globalserve_net>
> Subject: Going to try flourite!!!
> Hi all,
> Due to the excellent reviews flourite has gotten, I am going to try it
> out in a 10 gallon tank I am setting up.  Can you help me to determine
> the best way to use flourite?
> Do I just use it as a prime substrate?   Do I mix it with gravel?  Do I
> use 1 layer gravel and one layer flourite?  Do I use flourite/gravel mix
> and then a layer of gravel?
> - -Moishe
> ------------------------------

I would reccomend just using it straight, without any gravel, and perhaps seeding
it with an NPK fertilizer tablet or stick. This has worked well for me. Or using
Seachems Flourish tabs works very well. It contains  0.03% Phosphorus,
0.0000018%  Potassium, and 20% calcium, ( I dont know the significance of such a
large % of calcium), as well as a balance of several trace elements. I have also
experimented in using a SMALL amount of sphagnum peat at the bottom of the
substrate. Since Flourite provides ferric iron, (oxidized iron) I presume it needs
to come into solution by an organic acid before the iron is in a useable form for
plant uptake. I havnt had any problem in doing this so far, going on six months,
and all indications are that the plants are getting enough iron.


Robert Paul H