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Subject: RE: flourite

Hi Tom,

I just thought it would be better to cover up the flourite so the
minerals did'nt get mixed with the water column.  So you say this is not
a concern?


I would not even worry about it. It's more a reason of the look your after
or a cost prohibitive thing(say you have a 240gallon tank and want 6 inches
deep of the stuff). The idea of keeping all the nutients in the subsrtate is
a good idea and one I played with for some time. I haven't found any
problems with Flourite ever doing this though.
It's as if the Plant God gave us a very simple product for a corner
stone(the substrate) of the planted aquarium hobby. 
If you are worried about elements in your water column, do a water change.
Water changes never hurt and always perks the plant up for a day or two. A
few of us out here in SF Bay area do large water changes(40-60%) aleast
I'm going to try heating cables and heating pads with it next. SeaChem has
got a good formula.
Tom Barr           AGA