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Re:Only floating leaves on my Water Lilly

"Luke Piasecki" <lukep at sympatico_ca> said
>Hi to everyone,
>I have just joined this list and I hope to learn a lot from all of you
>and maybe share my experiences with you as well.
>I was wondering if anyone could help me out with my Water Lilly plants
>(Nymphaea Lotus or something like that in Latin). The problem is that
>the plant is large and grows like crazy, but it only grows  the floating
>leaves... none of those beautiful underwater ones. This wouldn't be a
>problem, but the stems get very long, close to a meter, they grow until
>the reach the filter output where I assume the moving water slowly
>destroys the leaves...
>What I'm trying to do is to get it to grow the underwater leaves. I was
>told to cut all the floating leaves off, leaving just the cut of stems.
>Will that work?
>Thank you,


I suspect that the plants are "reaching" because they are not getting
enough light.  I had that same problem as well.  They use to grow about two
inches a day when I first planted them and they were all pushed aside by
the filter outlet.  It was only when I increased my lights to 2.5 watts per
gal did they stop reaching and develop nice underwater leaves.  

Don't cut all the leaves at once or the plant might die.   I cut about 1/3
of the leaves off and new shoots began to appear.  When I thought (I know
this is not scientific) the new leaves could support the plant, then I cut
the longer ones, a couple at a time.  Also when you cut, cut as far down as
you can.  Just my two cents worth!