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Re: Co2 rent or buy?

>>James said:

One thing to keep in mind is that if you rent the cylinder, it remains
the property of the company you rent it from. And THEY are the ones
responsible for keeping up the certification on the bottle. Whenever
they give you a refill, they are actually swapping cylinders, giving you
a different bottle which contains a full load of gas in return for your
empty cylinder. Whenever a cylinder requires e-testing/re-certification,
THEY do it and build the cost into their overall "cost of doing
business". If YOU go buy your OWN cylinder, you might be without CO2 for
a few hours to a few days, depending upon how long it will take the
company to refill your cylinder. <<

All of the welding suppliers in my area swap out cyclinders no matter if
you own the one you bring in or not. The reason being they do not have
the refilling equipment on site, or as one place told me for some reason
it takes too long to fire the equipment up...or something to that
When they swap the tank, all you pay is the refill charge, and its still
your cylinder to do with as you please. If you look in the yellow pages
under gases or welding supplies, I am willing to bet you will find some
in your area. Companies who sell fire extingiushers can also refill
them, (at least thats what I was told)  As James said, they are

You can also purchase tanks, (empty) over the internet. One site well
known to aquarists is kegworks.com I dont know if they ship into canada
or not. The cost of shipping however makes it much more favorable to
find a local source.

Robert H