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Update: Neons

Thank you VERY much to everyone who replied to my post. Every reply I 
received had insightful and useful information. I will reply to everyone 
privately as soon as I have some time. (probably next week when finals are 
over if not sooner)

After learning that cardinals like hot water, I jumped the gun and assumed 
neons are the same--after all, they look so much alike. The neons were on 
sale and I didn't pay for them. It was a birthday gift. As for the one inch 
rule, I figured total cell metabolism increases proportionally with mass 
(number of cells), not length. That is to say, 70 one inch neons <<< 1 
seventy inch catfish. Is my thinking flawed? As for not having a test kit; 
it is not because I cannot afford one, it is because I have never had the 
need for one. Also I figured I can do water changes after finals. Figured 2 
weeks without a water change never hurts anyone.

I'll bring them back tomorrow and ask for store credit because I don't want 
to try my luck any more on these poor fish.

Sorry to post off topic again.

Thanks once more to everyone.

Toan Tran

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