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Re: Update: Neons

T. Tran wrote:
>As for the one inch 
>rule, I figured total cell metabolism increases proportionally with mass 
>(number of cells), not length. That is to say, 70 one inch neons <<< 1 
>seventy inch catfish. Is my thinking flawed? As for not having a test kit; 
>it is not because I cannot afford one, it is because I have never had the 

I've always been told that the infamous "1 inch of fish/gallon" is actually
"1 inch of slim-bodied fish/gallon" - this would include most tetras, zebra
danios, rasboras, but larger(& fatter) fish such as plecos, angels, discus,
etc. would not adhere exactly to this rule - ie, you shouldn't have 60" of
discus in a 60 gal. tank if you're going strictly by the rules.