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Re: Catching Ottos.

Michael wrote:
>         OK, first your fishroom has to have white walls and ceiling.
>         You need to have a ladder in place and a spatula. OK, remove
>         everything from the tank, except ofcourse, the elusive Ottos.
>         OK, now set off an M80 in the tank and run like hell to the
>         nearest door. Acrylic shrapnel and glass shrapnel have the
>         same effect. (I'll probably be corrected on this) OK, OK,
>         now come back into the room and look for the Ottos. They
>         should be stuck to the walls and ceiling (You understand 
>         the white paint thing, right?) OK, climb the ladder and
>         scrape the little suckers off with the spatula!  You have to 
>         hurry, depending on how many Ottos you started with and the
>         size of the room, because they won't last long out of water. 

Michael, could I use kitty litter instead of M80? It has CEC right? ;-)

Ho Ho Ho!