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NO3 rising

Dear all,
Started dosing my 150 litre tank with PMDD 4 days ago. Before dosing,
some 50% water change was made. NO3 measured at 0ppm.

The pmdd recipe was made according to the recipe in the krib but I
halved my soup to 150ml. 

Today my NO3 was measured at 10ppm. Plan to take these corrective
actions but need some suggestion before doing it:
1)stop dosing with current pmdd
2)to make new pmdd batch but consisted of just trace element mix (no
3)But K2SO4 will be dissolved and added to tank at say, 1/8 tsp a
day...until NO3 level drops.

OR do you think I should wait a bit little longer? Say a week more?
Comments greatly welcome.

Ppl would also like to know that plants inside this tank are suffering
from all sorts of defiency, long before the introduction of PMDD. 

New shoots of H.polysperma looks pale and cupped. My Banana plant just
disintegrates in thin air (water), shoots of nymphae took years to
emerge from the gravel and finally opened up at 1cm in diameter, very
pale. H.Difformis is the healthiest but still with wrinkles. Cypherus
Helferi gave out very2 pale shoots and melts away.

Other tank parameters:
Sorry, I find it very hard to locate test kits here in Brunei. Have
ordered, on the way. I do not know my Fe level.

CO2 injection
150W Metal Halide
Pure gravel, lime free 2-3mm

Thank you.
Daud Datu   B.S.Begawan, Brunei

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