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Deep Tank Lighting


>Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 22:15:12 -0500
>From: tomjean <tomjean at cwix_com>
>Subject: Deep Tank Lighting
>To: Aquatic-Plants at Actwin_com
>My name is Tom Zaccone and I have been a "lurker" on this list for some
>time.   This list has been a real goldmine of information.  I have kept
>tropical fish on and off for some time, but when I bought a 90 gallon tank a
>few years ago, I decided to try to set up a planted aquarium.
>The aquarium is 24" deep.  I have five 40 watt full spectrum flouresent
>bulbs right above it.  I try to do 50 % water changes every couple of weeks
>or so.  It has a moderate fish load with several rainbowfish, a large
>angelfish and a few small rasboras and Corydoras.  The water here is hard,
>about 240 ppm, and alkaline, pH of about  7.5.  The temperature in the tank
>is kept about 82 degrees fahrenheit.  I add a liquid fertilizer after each
>water change in accordance with the manufacturer's suggested directions.  I
>use two canister filters and a Magnum filter with no charcoal.
>I tried growing various plants, but have only had success with a couple of
>species of Cryptocoryne.  Even Anubias doesn't do well.
>I feel that the problem may be low light.  A recent article in FAMA about
>setting up a large planted 120 gallon tank  24 " deep recommended HVO
>flourescent units.  These require a special ballast, are rather expensive,
>and would require I construct a special hood and cradle to support it.
>Before I make this investment, I would like an opinion from the list members
>on lighting requirements for a 24" deep tank, and whether there is a less
>costly route to achieving a higher light intensity.
>Thanks for your help.
http://www.metronet.com/~cyn      in north central Texas

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