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Catching Ottos.

Steve wrote in part:
	I do plan to add some Otocinclus to this tank but I haven't gotten
to buying any new ones yet and the ones I have in the other tank are
impossible to capture. Anybody have any tips on catching Otocinclus?

  	Here's one solution that I haven't tried yet but I think
	will work. This is NOT for everyone and you have to be
	prepared for the consequences ie. family members, landlords,
	law inforcement, Helen, etc.,etc.

	OK, first your fishroom has to have white walls and ceiling.
	You need to have a ladder in place and a spatula. OK, remove
	everything from the tank, except ofcourse, the elusive Ottos.
	OK, now set off an M80 in the tank and run like hell to the
	nearest door. Acrylic shrapnel and glass shrapnel have the
	same effect. (I'll probably be corrected on this) OK, OK,
	now come back into the room and look for the Ottos. They
	should be stuck to the walls and ceiling (You understand 
	the white paint thing, right?) OK, climb the ladder and
	scrape the little suckers off with the spatula!  You have to 
	hurry, depending on how many Ottos you started with and the
	size of the room, because they won't last long out of water. 

	OK, like I said, I haven't tried it yet so if anyone does
	please let me know how it works.8-)

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