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Re: Deep Tank Lighting


I set up a 90 gallon (1.5' x 4' by 2') plant tank about 2 years ago.  I put 6
T-8 bulbs on it, with 2 electronic ballasts, and have been able to grow about
anything I wanted.  I also have laterite in the gravel, under-gravel heating
and pressurized CO2.  The 6 bulbs give me 192 watts compared to your 200
watts, so I don't think lighting is the problem (I am using the GE SPX50, 32
watt bulbs, and the inside of the hood is painted a gloss white).  I currently
have crypts, anubias, java fern, swords, vals, ambulia, mayaca, ludwigia, onion
plants, micro swords - you get the idea.

David Cooke
Atlanta, GA

>From: tomjean <tomjean at cwix_com>
>Subject: Deep Tank Lighting
<stuff deleted>
>I tried growing various plants, but have only had success with a couple of
>species of Cryptocoryne.  Even Anubias doesn't do well.
>I feel that the problem may be low light.  A recent article in FAMA about
>setting up a large planted 120 gallon tank  24 " deep recommended HVO
>flourescent units.  These require a special ballast, are rather expensive ...