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Re: Testing rocks

In APD #915 Daniel Wiznia asks:
"...I am planning on having a few rocks, so I went 
rock hunting. I found several rocks that I want to use for the aquarium.  
How can one be sure whether to use them or not, will they be safe?  Do 
the rocks have to be prepared?  I remember something being said about an 
acid test, so you do not put in rocks that could release harmful 
chemicals, or lime rocks.  What type of acid is okay?  Vinegar?  Thanks!"

Muratic acid works best to test the rocks you found. This can be found at most
swimming pool supply stores and some gardening stores. Be sure to test the
rocks in more than one spot as many rocks will have layers of different
minerals. If the muratic acid fizzes, do not use this rock in an aquarium. To
get rid of parasites found on these collected rocks, either boil the rocks or
submerge them into a bleach solution.

Tom Bates
Allentown, PA