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RE: What new advances on APD vs. thekrib.com/plants?

That's a pretty tall order.  There have been raging debates the past 2 years
over Soil Substrates.  There have been discussions on specific biotopes.
There is also much information of the cultivation/care of various plant
species.  I don't think this topic is expounded on theKrib to the degree it
is here on the APD.  Also, there is a sense of community here on the list,
even for us lurkers who don't offer much in the way of valuable insight, but
instead relate an experience or two on occasion.  Ok, here's the rub, you
can find all of that by reading past issues.  I'm forwarding the message
that appears at the bottom of every APD so that you will be able to locate
this vast source of information.
Archives are available on the web at
or via FTP to ftp.actwin.com in /pub/aquaria/aquatic-plants.
Peter W O'Dwyer jnr
odwyerpw at bluecorp_com