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Re: What new advances on APD vs. thekrib.com/plants?

David Wee writes:

> I have read almost every piece of material on thekrib (amazingly) and 
>  I feel that I know that I feel everything there is to know of aquarium
>  topics
>  and now I want to know if anyone has come up with any conclusive new
>  insights not on thekrib gained because of reading APD.

Erik Olson, who operates and regularly maintains the krib, is also a regular
reader of the APD.  Unless, of course, he is in the Amazon chasing little fish
and generally getting his clothes wet.  Any significant developments discussed
here will find their way to the krib in one way or another.  If you've cruised
the site, you'll acknowledge that he has posts about or links to the major
topics we as aquarists rely on, including the plant stuff.  Most newbies find
themselves refered there once or twice.

If you're looking for basic info, it's all there.  If you're looking for more
advnced stuff, follow his links to sites by Steve Pushak, George Booth, and
the others.

Bob Dixon