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Re: Bumble Bee Shrimp

Bumble Bee Shrimp, Neocaridina sp.,are in more than a few shops in Japan.
Most people buy them for the novelty reason. It is said that they are poor
algae eaters. They stay small at about 2cm. I have had no experience with
them, but they will eat detritus and left over fish food. Breeding them is
said to be simple. A somewhat neutral pH and a not so soft water with all
heavy metal removed or neutralized is prime. A small tank with a Brilli and
a temp of around 28~30c is the perfect set-up for breeding. For some more
info check out this link from a Japanese guy.

These little guys are cute, but not as good as C. japonica.

Ryan Stover
-Still in J-Town, and leaving no time soon.