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Research topic

Hello everyone,
    I'm currently taking Biology in school, and we (a partner
and I) are starting to do a research project of our choice.  Our
specific project involves an experiment in which two plant tanks
(no fish) will be set up with the same conditions (pH, D-H20,
temp, filter, fertilizers, etc.), except one will be phosphate starved.
In order to find the differences, I'll run a gel to analyze the protein
differences, use a photo-spectrometer to measure chlorophyll
concentrations from leaf samples, and do a couple other tests.
    My question, my purpose having been explained, is to ask just how
long it will take a plant to use up its reserves of nutrients.  A plant
such as an Aponogeton bulb would, for obvious reasons, not be a good
choice (while on the topic, does anyone know how to propagate this
plant?  Mine's getting huge and has already sent several flowers above
the surface, but they're squished up against the glass top).  Which
plants would show the best results, fastest?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Also, the fertilizer 'Flourish' claims to be a balanced fertilizer that
"... contains no phosphates or nitrates that would promote algae
proliferation."  It is very important that we keep the phosphate level
at 0 in the other tank, does anyone know if there is no phosphate
whatsoever in this fertilizer?  If I decide to mix my own fertilizer,
what form of phosphate should I apply (PO43-)?

Last question - are any messages sent to APD censored?  I've sent this
email several times, but it hasn't showed up in the actual APD.  It's
very likely that this is due to my email service (CWebMail) that works
through hotmail.  Thanks again!