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Fertilizer in a new tank?

A week ago, I set up a 40 gallon tank with a bunch of assorted plants 
(mostly listed as EASY in all the lists *G*)  These include Rotala 
indica, Hygrophilia 'Tropic Sunset', some Amazon sword plants, an 
Anubias frazeri, some pygmy chain swords, Water wisteria and a bunch of 
small corkscrew Vals.  The 3 Otos and 3 little SAEs are very happy.

I've got 80 watts of fluorescent light over this 16" deep tank; I'm 
using a DIY CO2 system. Substrate is about 80% Flourite with some other 
gravel mixed in the top.  Decorations include driftwood and slate.  
Plants are putting out new leaves like crazy.

Question:  When should I start using aquatic plant fertilizer?  Which 
one(s) do you prefer?  Would I do well to use Flourish products along 
with the Flourite?

Hallie Ray, King George, VA
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