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Re: Research topic

> Also, the fertilizer 'Flourish' claims to be a balanced fertilizer that
> "... contains no phosphates or nitrates that would promote algae
> proliferation."  It is very important that we keep the phosphate level
> at 0 in the other tank, does anyone know if there is no phosphate
> whatsoever in this fertilizer?

It does not contain any free phosphate (PO4 3-). The guaranteed 
analysis lists less than 0.01% Phosphorous which comes from small 
amounts of phosphate _esters_, not free phosphate. Anionic phosphate 
esters are very hydrolytically stable (i.e. very slowly hydrolyzed by 
water to free phosphate)...  (incidentally, this is why DNA is so 
stable). Because of this stability very little of that already small 
<0.01% will ever hydrolyze to free phosphate.

-Greg Morin

Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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