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Re: My snails died....??

John writes:

<snip>> Any way, my problem is, when I switched to RO water from tap water, I
> a slow decrease in the snail population.  Now I don't have any that I'm
> of.  I don't know if the switch to RO water was the cause, or simple 
> coincidence.  Any ideas what would
>  cause this?  Anything I can change to make the tank more "snail friendly"? 
> I read somewhere (don't remember where) that it could be related to
> hardness beging too low.  Is this correct, and if so why, and how do I fix
It is not as likely carbonate hardness (CO3--) as non-carbonate hardness,
primarily Ca++.  The snails draw it from the water to build their shells.
Without enough, they languish and die.  Your RO unit removes it.  You can add
RO Right to restore trace amounts of minerals, or any of a number of calcium
compounds, like CaCO3 or CaCl.

Bob Dixon