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Tetra Flora Pride Fe levels

Hello all,

     How many of you use Tetra Flora Pride for K and Fe?  
I was looking at the guaranteed analysis specs on the bottle and it seems that
the Fe levels would be too high when dosed as instructed.(1ml per gallon)

K20 (potash) = 3%
Fe = .15%
     If 1 ml of Flora Pride (1 gram)  is dosed into 1 gallon,(3.78 liters) 
then 1000 mg/3.78 liters = 264.55 mg/l 
If .15% is Fe, then .0015 x 264.55 = .396 mg/l of Fe
If I am correct, then the resulting Fe levels are almost .4 ppm, far greater
the upper limit of .15 ppm recommended.  Could this be feeding my filamentous
green algae?  If I am in error, feel free to correct my calculations.  All
input is