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Ca and Mg levels for RO/DI water

  I hate to bug the list with this newbie question but I have posted to the
list (APD)
and no one responded.  I need to know minimum Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur
levels for good plant growth as I am now using distilled water in my tank.  I
have been adding 200 mg/l (80 ppm Ca)
of Calcium Carbonate (Sundown Vitamins) and 250 mg/l of Magnesium Sulfate to
the replacement water at water changes.(I think this is about 25 PPM Mg) Is
this too much Mg?  I read an old post of Karen Randall's where she had
overdosed her tank with Epsom salts by accident and killed some plants. She
did not mention the Mg levels.  Potassium is dosed with Tetra Flora Pride and
Potassium Sulfate at 5-10 mg/l.  I use PMDD  and false SAE's to control my
filamentous green algae.  Steve Pushak's web site recommends a minimum level
for Ca (30 mg/l elemental calcium) but not for Mg or Sulfur.
     One more thing, the calcium tablets that I use also have vitamin D.  Will
this cause me any problems?  

Thanks for your time,
Andrew Bolling
Bolling37 at aol_com