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Re: Tetra Flora Pride Fe levels

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Andrew wrote:

[snip calculations that appear substantially right]

> If I am correct, then the resulting Fe levels are almost .4 ppm, far greater
> than
> the upper limit of .15 ppm recommended.  Could this be feeding my filamentous
> green algae?  If I am in error, feel free to correct my calculations.  All
> input is
> welcomed.

Anything you add to the water column is potentially algae food.

I've used Tetra Flora Pride for several years, as much for the K as for
the iron.  I usually (not always) use 1/2 the recommended dosage.

As I recall, Flora Pride is intended for use after water changes, not on a
daily basis.  The iron level will drop after you first add it and should
be mostly gone before you add it again.  The average concentration
probably won't be as high as 0.4 ppm.

Roger Miller