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Fluval, the best canister filter in history

The fluval is the best canister filter in history.  It is a invaluable asset
to the tanks of fish owners everywhere.  Its quick disconnect valves make
maintenance a snap.  Its multiple internal chambers allow for a plethora of
filter medias. Even the smaller 201's are a snap.  The lock nuts easily
unscrew.  I have never seen any part of a fluval go bad with proper
maintenance.  After 10 years, a motor did go bad, but 10years is a pretty
long time.  Imagine how many hours that filter ran over those 10 years.   On
one of my tanks I have chemipure carbon, the eheim noodles, and sponges.  I
only need to service this filter every 3-4 months, and it takes about 10
minutes.  The O-ring goes on without problem every time.  I lube the O ring
up every 6months with vaseline. This keeps it in place.  The intake and
output tubes that come with this filter allow for a multitude of setups. I
feed a DIY C02 line into mine.   If you have something to put in line, like
a UV filter, etc., it can be easily done.  Repriming this filter is a snap.
Simply keep the return above the water line, hook up all your lines and open
the valves.  After it fills with water, plug it in--its that simple.  Try

I stand behind the fluval as one of the best filters in the aquarium hobby
today.  I apologize to mr purchase, i thought he was commenting on my
spelling mistakes.

The list was very exciting this week.  I hope we all continue to keep
posting about the products that we love and the products that we love to hate.

email me if you need any help with the fluvals.

Gary Plano
jettat19 at mail_idt.net