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Re: Fluval, the best canister filter in history

> The fluval is the best canister filter in history.  It is a invaluable asset
> to the tanks of fish owners everywhere.  Its quick disconnect valves make
> maintenance a snap.  Its multiple internal chambers allow for a plethora of
> filter medias. Even the smaller 201's are a snap.  The lock nuts easily
> unscrew.

> I have never seen any part of a fluval go bad with proper
> maintenance.  After 10 years, a motor did go bad, but 10years is a pretty
> long time.

Isn't that a contradiction?

> eheim noodles,

hmm...  eheim=evil, better change those out...

> only need to service this filter every 3-4 months, and it takes about 10
> minutes.

same here for my fluval and my eheim.

> The O-ring goes on without problem every time.

same here for my fluval and my eheim.

> If you have something to put in line, like
> a UV filter, etc., it can be easily done.

same here for my fluval and my eheim.

> Repriming this filter is a snap.
> Simply keep the return above the water line, hook up all your lines and open
> the valves.  After it fills with water, plug it in--its that simple.  Try
> it.

Amazingly, physics are the same for both fluval and eheim...  :)

> I stand behind the fluval

> as one of the best filters in the aquarium hobby
> today.

"Aquatic-Plants, where hardware isn't just an opinion, its a religion!"

(sorry jet, just couldn't resist!)