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RE: Fluval vs. Eheim Twice in one week

sorry if I have not been keeping up with all the postings as I generally 
skim thru the articles.  Howevr this one did catch my attention and 
thought it would be best if I responded.

On the 'debate' over which filter is better the obvious choice is clear 
:) plants are.  Want proof?  When I pulled the filter of off my tank they 
started growing like weeks! :)  I now enjoy the calm peacefull setting 
with no noise, no added electricity (just for the lights) good continuous 
growth.  And oh, I do believe the fish likes it much better, they seem to 
be less stressed than before (none before and definately none now)

so in conclusing the clear winner in 'filters' are plants, isn't that why 
we subscribe to this list in the first place? :)