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Re: Carbo-Plus - again

	After the initial postings on this (back in December), Merrill and
I had a fairly lengthy e-mail exchange, and he was kind enough to fax
me the printed specifications of the unit.  From the specifications
and various observations of Merrill's, I can say quite definitely that
the unit does not produce CO2 electrolytically in the manner claimed.
If it did, the hydrogen produced would provide a very obvious bubble
stream (not just "smoke") and would present a significant explosion
danger.  What is more, CaCO3 would not be deposited.

	If CaCO3 is being deposited, then some CO2 is being generated
by:		2HCO3-   ->  CO3--  +  CO2  +  H2O

	Given that my CO2 cylinder has been providing CO2 (to one tank)
for over three years on its first fill, and that I haven't had to adjust
anything for months, I can't see how th Carbo-Plus unit could possibly
compete with the cost of cylinder CO2, or reduce the amount of work

	I note that the fax from Merrill came from "Aquarium Products",
with a Baltimore, MD, USA, area code.  Are you in the business of selling
these things, Merrill?

	As I said at the beginning:  Caveat emptor.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada