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No Subject

I found some stuff today that is for adding micro nutrients to the garden.
It is called McKenzie Glacial Rock Flour. It says " Contains 100% Natural
Basalt and Andesite Rock Flour. Guaranteed Analysis is Calcium 1.00%,
Magnesium 1.0 % and Iron 3.0%.

Also says:
Naturally replenishes depleted soil minerals
Stimulates plant growth
Will reduce need of chemical fertilizers
No added Chemicals
Non-toxic when used as directed

I understand that the place where this stuff is "mined" is very clay like.
Is this similar t\o the laterite powder? I have made balls to add to the
gravel/fluorite substrate I now have. What do you all think?

BTW--- $2.50 for 6 pounds! *L*


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