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Re: eric

> Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 01:25:29 -0800
> From: skeeve at ix_netcom.com
> Subject: OK, I'm hooked.  I'm ready.  Where can I get plants?
> I've been studying, researching, reading, and keeping fish for over a
> year.  I admire all of the pictures in the Amano books and think
> he's an artistic genius.  If only I could fashion a planted tank as half
> as spectacular as his.
> I have sufficient light, CO2 injection, daily fertilization, good
> substrate, all of the ingredients for a (hopefully) successful planted
> aquarium.
> My question is, where can I find plants (on-line, or mail order by
> phone) besides the usual variety I find at my pet store?
> I'm looking for Alternanthera reineckii, Myriophyllum tubercalatum,
> Didiplis diandra, Ludwigia arcuata, Rotala macrandra (ok, that's
> common), Lobelia cardinalis, Eleocharis parvula, Baryclaya
> longifolia, Nymbhea lotus, Aponogeton crispus, and Echinodorus
> osiris.
> Can someone recommed a good source?  Thanks, I'd truly
> appreciate it.
>  - Eric Golden
> ------------------------------

Hello Eric,

I see you took my advice about this list! If you want a variety of
plants, a place like Arizona Aquatic Gardens has a large selection and
low prices. Like many mail order plant places, their prices are lower
but the plants for the most part are very young, and small. They also
grow the majority of their plants in outdoor pools and are not to
particular about cleaning pine needles and snails from them. I even got
a live beetle! (its amazing how fast a beetle can swim when being chased
by a hungry cichlid!)  http://www.azgardens.com  The other biggie online
is Dan Quackenbushes site, but a couple of weeks ago his wife emailed me
that his business was on hold due to serious illness.
http://www.malloftheworld.com/aquarium . The Aquatic Greenhouse has
apparetly gone out of business, or at least their WEB site no longer
exhists. There are also various retail stores with online service and
mail order houses like Pet Warehouse have limited selections.

You going to the cichlid meeting this weekend? :)