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No Subject

James wrote:

>Karen shared her personal experience with several laterite products. One
>thing I'm wondering about though, is her inclusion of Tetra's Initial D (Now
>called Initial Sticks, I believe) in the list. Is this really a laterite
>product? I thought it had a lot of peat moss in it? I haven't used it in
>years myself, and my memory at this time of night is not perfect, so I'm not

I thought I made it clear that I was giving my opinion of various
commercial substrate additives, not just laterite.  If I didn't say that
clearly enough the first time around, I am now.<g>  The products that I
believe to be "real" laterite that I have used are:

Aquarium Products
Theil Aquatech
Substrate Gold

The other products I mentioned are not promoted as "laterite".  But as we
know, that doesn't mean that they aren't good for growing plants.