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Duplarit alternatives

I have found some laterite alternatives to Duplarit and Substrate Gold,
in the USA.

Pet Warehouse carries a product called First Layer Pure Laterite, 55oz,
comprable to the 500 grams of duplarit G, is $13.95 vs. 24.49 for the
Duplrit G.

AgSafe makes a product called Aquarium Plant Spikes which is made of
laterite and sea kelp to provide potassium. The manufacturer claims it
lasts for six months before totally disintergrating. They also claim it
contains "natural" root hormones derived from grain mill. It is
certified to be agriculturaly safe leeching no chemicals harmfull to the
enviornment or underground water systems, and no nitrogen or phosphate.

Would ground kelp act as a chelator?

Robert Paul H.